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The values of Walker's Tae Kwon Do:

Loyalty - showing of appreciation

Respect and Obedience - to be good and helpful partners to one another 

Trustworthiness - pursuit of honor 

Courage - to believe in oneself 

Do not take life unjustly - to do what is right; using the skills of Tae Kwon Do with good judgment

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      Master Mike Kadrovach - 5th Dan

Walker's opened in August 2000 and is owned and operated by Master Mike Kadrovach. Mike is a Kukkiwon certified 5th Dan black belt. He began studying Tae Kwon Do at the age of 25, and has been studying and practicing in the Portage area for over 22 years. Mike's passion for Tae Kwon Do is readily apparent to all of his students. Mike's goals for his students are: (1) to be better than himself and (2) to strengthen their spirits with the "I can" way of thinking. "I can't" at Walker's, are replaced by "I'll try."

At Walker's, the Ji Do Kwon form of Tae Kwon Do is taught. Ji Do Kwon is one of the major Tae Kwon Do associations, which is sanctioned by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF, see inset left...) at the Kukkiwon in Korea.  Practitioners of Ji Do Kwon are encouraged to live the philosophy upon which the art is built; to spread throughout the continents of the world the spirit of Ji Do Kwon. The spirit of Ji Do Kwon is getting up eight times when you have fallen seven times, standing upright in the face of all tribulations, and never giving in to failure.

Master Mike's Tae Kwon Do history:

 2012 AOMA National Gold Medalist

 2012 AOMA Michigan State Gold Medalist

 2011 AAU Michigan State Gold Medalist

 2009 Michigan State Gold Medalist

 2008 5th Dan Master's at Jinmookwan TKD

 2008 Michigan State Gold Medalist

 2007 National Bronze Medalist

 2007 Michigan State Gold Medalist

 2006 National Gold Medalist                                    

 2006 Michigan State Gold Medalist

 2005 Michigan State Gold Medalist

 2004 Michigan State Silver Medalist 

 2003 4th Dan Master's at Jinmookwan TKD

 1999 3rd Dan at Minh's TKD

 1997 2nd Dan at Minh's TKD

 1995 1st Dan at USA TKD

 1994 Light weight division State Champion

 1991 Yellow belt at Lion's TKD

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