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Hapkido classes are usually held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at the 7:00 pm class period.

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Call (269) 327-7000 for more information.

Hapkido is a martial art of Korean origin. Its name means literally "The way of coordination and internal power." Hapkido is a complete martial art in that it consists of: dynamic striking and kicking techniques, very similar to Tae Kwon Do, both hard and soft style deflection techniques, throws, takedowns, ground-fighting, and extensive joint locking techniques. Hapkido is the combination of two Korean Martial Arts - Yool Sool which comes from the Japanese art known as Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu and Tae Kyon which is an ancient Korean Kicking Skill that was widespread during the time of the Three Kingdoms.

Korean folklore teaches that two Hapkido warriors asked the Buddhist high priest, Wong Kwang Bopsa, for rules that they could follow without taking on the secluded lives of monks.The priest studied the moral principals of Buddhism and the martial arts codes of chivalry to devise an ethical system which he summarized in five rules and nine virtues.The martial artist requires something larger than ego and self-interest to sustain the commitment needed to study.

Our Creed:
To build true self-confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body. To develop love and trust with your family and friends, show respect to seniors, and to form a strong and happy world. Never fight for selfish goals, but to defend life, justice, and peace.

Five Rules:
 Loyalty to one's country

 Loyalty to one' parents.

 Trust and brotherhood among friends.

 Courage never to retreat in the face of the enemy.

 Justice never to take a life without cause.

Nine Virtues:









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